VOTED NAY: HB 2313 Revenues and appropriations of State; changes to revenues collected and distribution, report. (2013 Session)

comstock4This is the landmark Transportation Bill introduced by William J. Howell

Revenues and appropriations primarily for transportationMakes several changes to the revenues collected by the Commonwealth, and the distribution of such revenues, primarily for the benefit of transportation. The changes are as follows:  The bill eliminates the $0.175 per gallon tax on motor fuels, and replaces it with a percentage-based tax of 3.5% for gasoline and 6% for diesel fuel. The bill provides for a refund of an amount equal to a 2.5% tax paid on diesel fuel for passenger cars, pickup or panel trucks, and trucks having a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less.

floor: 04/03/13  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (62-Y 36-N) Continue reading

VOTED YEA: HB 1 Unborn children; construing the word “person” under Virginia law to include. (2012 Session)

comstock4Introduced by Robert G. Marshall

Rights of unborn children.  Provides that unborn children at every stage of development enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of the Commonwealth, subject only to the laws and Constitutions of Virginia and the United States, precedents of the United States Supreme Court, and provisions to the contrary in the statutes of the Commonwealth.

floor: 02/14/12  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (66-Y 32-N) Continue reading

VOTED YEA: SB 924 Hospitals, nursing homes, etc.; regulations required of Board of Health. (2011 Session)

comstock4Introduced by Ryan T. McDougle

Board of Health; regulation of facilities Requires the Board of Health to promulgate regulations containing minimum standards for policies related to infection prevention, disaster preparedness, and facility security of hospitals, nursing homes, and certified nursing facilities. This bill provides that minimum standards for construction, maintenance, operation, staffing, equipping, staff qualifications and training, and conditions under which services may be provided, as well as requirements for policies related to infection prevention, disaster preparedness, and facility security for hospitals, nursing homes, and certified nursing facilities shall also apply to any facility in which five or more first trimester abortions per month are performed, and that such facilities, shall be classified as a category of hospital for the purposes of such requirements. This bill requires the Board of Health to promulgate regulations to implement the provisions of this act within 280 days of enactment.

floor: 02/21/11  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (67-Y 32-N) Continue reading

Getting a handle on Comstock’s gun record

fairfaxtimesFairfax Times Letter to the Editor, October 11, 2013

I was unable to find any information on Barbara Comstock’s website about her stance on guns so I stopped by her campaign office. It appears that Barbara Comstock is not only hiding her gun record from the voters but also from her campaign staffers and volunteers. They were unable to provide any information about her stance on background checks and seemed unaware about her gun votes. Continue reading